? Real Hundred Dollar Bill


A real hundred dollar bill

US 100 dollar bill

A real hundred dollar bill has glowing strips

U.S bills are mostly composed of cotton, paper and unique ink. None of these elements have reflective properties. However, when we put the 100 dollar bill under an ultraviolet light, you will notice a small part become very bright. This visible security strip is coated with phosphors and has a very distinctive glow under UV lights. Each denomination has its own specific colored strip and are incorporated during the manfacturing process

  • A real hundred dollar bill will have a red strip.
  • A real fifty dollar bill will have a yellow strip.
  • A real twenty dollar bill will have a green strip.
  • A real ten dollar bill will have a orange strip.
  • A real five dollar bill will have a blue strip under a blacklight.

A security strip on a real hundred dollar bill.

sec 100 dollar bill bk img

Currency pens
currency pen img

Currency pens are commonly used to check the validity of hundred dollar bills. However, these pens ONLY detect the type of paper a bill is printed on. This will catch some counterfit one hundred dollar bills. They will not detect the forgeries that are printed on other washed denominations. Many businesses consider pens to be unreliable and inadequate for detecting forged currency.

Black light Counterfeit Money Detectors

counterfeit money detectors img
This is a very inexpensive, portable ultraviolet black light that is commonly used to check the strips in money.

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A 100 dollar bill in 1913 only has the purchasing power of $2.00 today?

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