Ray Dalio: "If You Don't Own Gold, You Know Neither History Nor Economics"

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Why The Mad Rush For Physical Gold?

Cash in on the world's largest wealth transfer! Have you ever heard of fractional reserve banking? When you put your money in a savings account or a checking account at a bank, the bank doesn’t just store it in a vault somewhere. Instead, it lends 90% of your money to other individuals and companies who need it.

Thanks to the magic of fractional banking, when your banks lends your money to other people, it is actually creating money. The same thing has been happening with Gold! (Guess what, You can't create gold that way! People are wising up. ) Money created out of thin air ALWAYS gets over printed/ over leveraged and loses value. Gold money is honest money. Paper money is a depreciating asset. One of the functions of paper money is to be a store of value.

The value of paper money has depreciated for the last 30+ years. Paper money cannot protect its true value, acquire some gold now while you still can. We'll show you how to get spendable gold bullion bars for "free".

Gold Shortage?
What happened when Germany asked for their gold back...

Since then mega banks have been caught manipulating gold prices. Exchanges admitted they don't have the gold available for delivery. China wants to take control of setting the gold price and bring prices back up to reflect demand..

Work Smart

I think those in Amway, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Nu Skin, etc would be better off acquiring gold each month instead of consumable products don't you? Because after another year goes by, your money will buy less and you have nothing to show for it. (Our gold accumulation system is optional, no purchase required to get paid)

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